Terms & Conditions

Auto Top-Up Terms & Conditions

These online top-up terms and conditions govern your use of the "Prepaid online" top up service which is provided to you by "Prepaid USA SIM". Please read them carefully.


To use this online top-up service you will need to complete the online registration process. Successful registration to this online top-up service allows you to purchase airtime credit to a maximum value of $100 per transaction for new customers, later the topup limitation will be removed.

We offer auto topup service for Tmobile ONLY and ONLY for the first month of service, after the first month you can topup with any vender netionwide 
The Topup will automatically be added to your prepaid account balance within 3 hours or at a later date if chosen, you will receive notification via SMS and Email once the topup is added to your SIM card, all orders placed on Saturday or on USA holidays will be processed within one hour after the holiday is over.

All Orange and Cellcom Credit Topups have a  service charge deducted by the carrier, Cellcom deducts ₪5 , Orange deducts ₪7 Shekel.

Scheduled Top-Up Services

Automatic top up and Scheduled Gifting (Automatic top up Service) are available for all registered Customers. You may set up a Scheduled Top Up Service whereby you add credit to either your own prepaid USA SIM cards (“Automatic top up”) or you add credit to another prepaid sim card, This can be set up so that the Top Up is applied once or for each month on the same date.

Once you have successfully set up Automatic top up, we will send you a order confirmation email to notify you that your order was successful. This will be followed by a further SMS and Email on the day or date you selected your account to be Topped Up to confirm the Automatic top up amount or plan credited to your registered Top Up Direct account.

This online top-up service is a reseller service We shall not be responsible for any delay or failure to provide this online top-up service for reasons beyond our control, Prepaid USA sim is a reseller and is not affiliated with the providers, any billing error must be dealt directly with the provider.


We may suspend this online top-up service immediately:

(a) if we need to carry out repairs, maintenance or the introduction of new aspects to this online top-up service (and we will try to restore the online top-up service as soon as we can),
(b) if we are told to by the Government, the emergency services or any other competent or lawful authority,
(c) if the buyer is suspected of fraud activity 

Sometimes, it may appear to us that there is an unusual use of this online top-up service (for example, the volume of top-ups loaded increases significantly and we reasonably suspect fraudulent use). If this does happen we may suspend your use of this online top-up service to prevent you from incurring excessive or unwanted charges, we may contact you by phone of email before we approve your order for verification.

Top Up credit is non-refundable, non-exchangeable and non-transferable.

We reserve the right to decline your application for a top-up account.

Prepaid USA SIM Will not be liable or responsible to you or any third party for any loss or damage you may suffer in relation to your use of this Service and the acts or omissions of our third party service providers, agents or contractors, including without limitation, the processing of customer refunds via the Service. As the registered account owner of that mobile number you are only authorized to set up, amend and otherwise cancel the Service or Automatic top up Services and therefore, accept sole full responsibility for using the Service and Scheduled Top Up Services in accordance with these terms and conditions and hence, keeping your account details and Top Up Codes and Usernames/Passwords safe and secure from loss or theft. In addition, Meteor will not be liable or responsible for any failure in the Service that may arise as a result of any power disruption or technical fault.